Frequently Asked Questions

  • When was the Foundation created?

    The Turner Foundation, Inc. (TFI), was founded by R.E. (Ted) Turner in 1990  and awarded its first grant in 1991.

  • Who makes up the Turner Foundation board?

    TFI is a family foundation governed by a Board of Trustees, comprised of Ted Turner and his five children - Laura Turner Seydel, Teddy Turner, Rhett Turner, Beau Turner, and Jennie Turner Garlington. Part of the inspiration of establishing TFI is Mr. Turner's desire to involve his family and work with them to create a better world.

  • How much does the Foundation award each year?

    The average total amount granted in the last three fiscal years was $10-$11 million per year.

  • How much has the Turner Foundation granted to date?

    TFI has awarded over $350 million grants since inception.

  • What are the Foundation's initiatives?

    TFI supports efforts for improving air and water quality, developing a sustainable energy future to protect our climate, safeguarding environmental health, maintaining wildlife habitat protection, and developing practices and policies to curb population growth rates.

  • Why doesn't the Foundation accept proposals?

    We are an invitation-only foundation. We don't have the resources to review unsolicited materials.

  • How does the Foundation decide which grants to fund?

    Our board and staff, on an annual basis, identify grantmaking initiatives in conjunction with established programmatic and geographic priorities.