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Catalyze the Transition to a Clean Energy Future

In order to ensure a clean energy future, the Turner Foundation catalyzes the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy sources by:

  • Scaling clean energy technologies;
  • Promoting the use and availability of wildlife-friendly renewable energy sources;
  • Advancing the availability of affordable, clean energy for all; and 
  • Encouraging business and investor engagement in this significant process.

Scale Clean Energy Technologies:

The Foundation funds initiatives to accelerate the expansion of sustainable, clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency in priority cities and states.

Wildlife-Friendly Renewable Energy:

The ongoing transition to clean energy has resulted in a cleaner, brighter future for wildlife and their habitats. However, there are costs associated with any form of energy generation.

The Foundation supports partnerships to ensure the development of energy sources that avoid, minimize, and mitigate the negative impacts on wildlife and habitats.

Affordable Clean Energy for All:

Energy costs constitute a greater proportion of expenses for low-income households. As access to clean energy expands, it’s important to ensure that all households, including low-income households, reap the benefits of a clean energy economy.

The Foundation funds initiatives to advance affordable clean energy for all, with a focus on low-income households.

Business and Investor Engagement:

The business sector can act as a powerful driver of change. Therefore, connecting with a broad spectrum of businesses - from small local solar providers to large national corporations - can help to mobilize an increase of clean energy. 

The Foundation supports partnerships that catalyze business and investor leadership for a clean energy.