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Conserve Land to Protect and Restore Wildlife and Biodiversity

The Turner Foundation's land conservation program supports the restoration and protection of both private and public lands. 

For public lands, the Foundation works to:

  • Defend bedrock conservation laws and programs;
  • Expand and protect public lands through non-partisan, place-based collaboration among nongovernmental organizations and state and federal agencies; and 
  • Create opportunities to shift attitudes and management practices from extraction to conservation.
  • Encourage large scale restoration that restores habitat and ecosystem function. 

As sixty percent of our nation’s land is privately-owned, the Foundation recognizes the value and impact of private landowner leadership and collaboration, and works to:

  • Build regional capacity for large-scale private land initiatives;
  • Recruit private landowners to engage in land and wildlife conservation initiatives including protecting and creating habitat and corridors; and
  • Support regional and national initiatives to protect corridors and buffer zones to adapt to a changing climate. 

The Foundation works to conserve both private and public lands that protect wildlife species that serve as indicators or keystone species for priority ecosystems, and supports conservation efforts to enhance climate resiliency.