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Protect and Restore Water Resources for People and Nature

Freshwater: Water is life. It sustains us and our ecosystems, and is embedded in every facet of society. Demands on our nation’s freshwater resources continue to grow, and climate change is causing extreme weather events, like droughts and floods, to be more frequent. Management of our surface and groundwater resources should take an integrated, multipronged approach, including the following strategies: 

  • Natural Infrastructure - When we improve and expand water infrastructure, it’s important to think beyond new treatment plants, pipes and pumps. The Foundation funds initiatives to expand natural infrastructure solutions -  such as forests, wetlands and urban parks - that provide multiple environmental, economic and social benefits.  
  • Water Efficiency - Water efficiency is the most cost-effective, immediate and environmentally desirable means to address both short-term and long-term water shortages.  The Foundation funds programs to advance sustainable use of our precious freshwater resources.
  • Restoring Flows –The Foundation supports efforts to maintain the vital stream flows needed by fish, wildlife and people to secure a resilient and healthy future for all who rely on these resources.
  • Watershed Organizations –The foundation prioritizes support of watershed organizations within its priority geographies that advance stewardship of these resources. Supporting local caretakers and heroes is critical to clean water and healthy rivers.

Marine Waters: Two of the most pressing issues concerning marine conservation are the development of sustainable aquaculture and sustainable fisheries.  

Sustainable Aquaculture: The Foundation works to propel the transition to a sustainable aquaculture industry by:

  • Advancing resource efficiency, including sustainable feedstock;
  • Promoting technological improvements in production management;
  • Focusing market demand on sustainable products and advance sustainable aquaculture certification; and
  • Demanding regulatory oversight and enforcement of sustainability practices.  

Sustainable Fisheries: In addition, the Foundation focuses its funding on the following key enablers of developing sustainable fisheries:

  • Secure tenure, i.e., the concept that a fisherman has a guaranteed share of the fishery;
  • Empowers the fishing industry to pursue sustainable use of the resource and is a vital first step in the transition;
  • Development of sustainable harvest levels; and
  • Monitoring and enforcement of sustainable management practices.